Saturday, June 08, 2013

Thoughts on government spying on its own citizens

It sux. This government spying on its citizens. And how much of a chill does it put on speaking out against it? Quite a bit. I feel now as if big brother is looking over my shoulder and if I should write the wrong thing here I'll be on their list and they work for me/us don't they?

I'm tired of being protected and would rather take my chances without big brother.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts on gun rights

The problem with sensible restrictions is that the gun owners never get anything in return for giving up something. They know that with each new tragedy the gun grabbers will come out of the woodwork and use it to push their agenda which is a total ban on guns.

"If I could have banned them all - 'Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns' - I would have!" - Diane Feinstein

Of course Diane carries a gun or did at the time of that quote or has body guards that carry guns.

back to the 2nd

People can't invent rights that they don't already have. Lot's of things can be codified but how another survives when attacked it not a choice society can legitimately make for the individual. We all, each of us, can do whatever it takes to survive and that includes using the best tools available be they modern firearms or a cap and ball pistol. Or for those who think it works dialing 911.

So the Second Amendment isn't giving us something we didn't already have before we put it to paper, the right to bear arms comes from God or Life itself. Those who aren't willing to defend themselves mock the gift of life. And those who would ban guns are contingently liable for every death that occurs from a person having been stripped by law of their gun.

Let us not forget that we are a country that is ruled by the consent of the governed. To give consent one must be able to deny consent and an unarmed person isn't in any condition to deny anything.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Letter to Self

Dear Self,

Never forget how blessed you are, how fortunate for the good life you have, your health, your spouse, your pets, your warm bed and the roof over your head. Never forget.

I'm not one who likes to book years and don't particularly care for the calendar either. However since this is what is used I use it too.

I'm proud of myself for even daring to try; many people won't even do that!

Monday, May 09, 2011


After a long hiatus a picture finally inspired me to resume the blog and my dear friend Virginia.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lazy Dames

It's been awhile, too long really, since I've taken a picture that turned me on.
So it was a pleasant result when this simple rose photo came out as nice as it did.
I particularly like the woodgrain effect of the wet lattice and the tail light reflections on the wet pavement in contrast to the flashlit rose. Yes the flashfired here and to good effect. The Casio EX-Z750 came through again for me.

This is Cathy and Michelle selfshot with the Canon Powershot Pro90
just fooling around. Love that articulating LCD so you can see yourself.

I've been collecting affirmations lately. Here are a few:

As I become more and more aware of myself
as an eternal consciousness,
I become more peaceful and at ease with all that happens
in my life. Physical reality reflects this peace back to me.

I boldly face the new challenges in life that awakening and becoming
aware of who I really am brings.

Today I turn within and allow the spiritual wisdom
that I am to flow into everything I say and do.
I already am everything I will ever need.

If old memories rise to the surface, I investigate the emotional content in a balanced way, and move deeper into the emotion and through it, finding my eternal self again, and making peace with the old memory.

I am free of the past and the future. The moment I live in is now,
with no history affecting my choices in the present.

I have unlimited resources of abundance, love, and knowledge.
I am wealthy on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I am a lovable person who is loved by others. I am appreciated by others.

I love others no matter how they act, or what their faults are.
Even if I don't want to be around their personality, I love them as the eternal being that they truly are.
I overlook the shortcomings of others. I have no judgement.

I give freely and effortlessly to the universe, for that same energy of love and
abundance provides for all my needs.

I truly believe and know my good, and I choose to embody that feeling right here, right now!

I am humble, because no matter how awake I become, I realize that the human condition is a lifelong limitation and I cannot be perfect all the time.

I am gentle and nurturing to myself. I say only kind things to myself. I am my own best friend.

I am a radiant source of love on the Earth for others, rather than needing others to be a source of love for me.
I am the source of love.

There are deeper meanings under all events in life that I may never understand. I accept these events and experiences even though I don't understand why they are happening.

I remember who I am. I am a part of the vast scheme of all that is, and as such I allow the divinity that I am to be present in every moment.

I am doing exactly what I need to be doing at this time.

I am mature, wise, and intelligent. Any thoughts I have to the contrary are only illusory fears.

If I fight with another I'm really fighting with myself because we are both God.

I am free, even in the midst of limitation within the illusions of life.

I am willing to ask for help. I recognize when I need help.

I trust my inner wisdom. I trust the information I get from my deeper resources and intuition.

I am a living prayer. I am always focusing on the highest and best as already part of my life right now.

Everyone is Buddha sent to teach me. The teacher is everywhere. Life is the guru.

I love and appreciate myself. I overlook my shortcomings and love myself anyway.

The intelligence of Spirit expresses through me as right decision and right action.
I accept the free flow of life in all my affairs. I live life to the fullest.

Self hate is an illusion. Hate of others is also an illusion.
I go deeper than illusion and find the truth of who I really am.
Hate disappears in this, even self hate.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Grasshopper

One day a book publisher in London saw me in one of the pictures Michelle took and wanted to put my picture in their book. Here is the picture:

This is my first paid for photograph. I'm very greatful to Frances Vargo and
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.
The Penguin Group (UK) 80
The Strand London WC2R 0RL
RHS (RHS stands for 'Royal Horticultural Society').
The picture will be used in the book: Simple Steps: Pests and Diseases'
Pests & Diseases Adults, Jenny Baskaya (195)

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